• Update a document and our sync state on receiving a sync message


    An array of [newDoc, newSyncState, syncMessage | null] where newDoc is the updated state of doc, newSyncState should replace inState and syncMessage should be sent to the peer if it is not null. If syncMessage is null then we are up to date.

    Type Parameters

    • T


    • doc: Doc<T>

      The doc the sync message is about

    • inState: SyncState

      The SyncState for the peer we are communicating with

    • message: Uint8Array

      The message which was received

    • Optional opts: next.ApplyOptions<T>

      Any ApplyOptions, used for passing a PatchCallback which will be informed of any changes in doc which occur because of the received sync message.

    Returns [Doc<T>, SyncState, null]

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