Module @automerge/automerge-repo - v1.2.0

The automerge CRDT provides a core CRDT data structure and an implementation of a storage format and sync protocol but doesn't provide the plumbing to use these tools in a JS application. automerge-repo provides the plumbing.

The main entry point is the Repo class, which you instantiate with a StorageAdapter and zero or more NetworkAdapters. Once you have a repo you can use it to create DocHandles. DocHandles are a reference to a document, identified by a AutomergeUrl, a place to listen for changes to the document, and to make new changes.

A typical example of how to use this library then might look like this:

import { Repo } from "@automerge/automerge-repo";

const repo = new Repo({
storage: <storage adapter>,
network: [<network adapter>, <network adapter>]

const handle = repo.create




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