Module @automerge/create-vite-app

Automerge Repo

Automerge Repo is a wrapper for the Automerge CRDT library which provides facilities to support working with many documents at once, as well as pluggable networking and storage.

Getting started

After cloning this repo, run pnpm install and pnpm build.

This is a monorepo containing the following packages:

  • automerge-repo: The core library. Handles dispatch of events and provides shared functionality such as deciding which peers to connect to or when to write data out to storage. Start here.

Demos / Example Code

Front-end adapters

Storage adapters

Network adapters

Please note that a reference sync-server peer which demonstrates the use of automerge-repo-network-websocket is available at automerge-repo-sync-server (this is different from sync-server).

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