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Make a change

In our minimalist todo app, users will need two main interactions:

  • Add a todo item
  • Toggle a todo item as complete or not complete

To add a todo item to the list, we will call Automerge.change. We will make sure doc.items exists, and then add a new item to the list with done: false.

function addItem(text) {
let newDoc = Automerge.change(doc, doc => {
if (!doc.items) doc.items = []
doc.items.push({ text, done: false })

Because Automerge is functional, each document is immutable. Automerge.change does not modify the document you pass in, but it returns a newDoc which reflects the change you just made. We then call updateDoc() as defined in the last section to update the global variable doc with the latest document state. The old state of the document is not used anymore.

Now, let's create an input element in the HTML so that items can be added to the list.

<input type="text" id="new-todo" />
let form = document.querySelector("form")
let input = document.querySelector("#new-todo")
form.onsubmit = (ev) => {
input.value = null

Next, we have to render the items in the list every time an item is added.